Training Events

The ‘Living-Learning Experience’:Residential Training

17th/ 18th/ 19th October, 2016

Trainers: Rex Haigh, Jan Lee, Aldo Lombardo and João G. Pereira
Venue: Monte dos Pensamentos

The ‘Living-Learning Experience’ training is a three day experiential course for up to 24 participants, which has been taking place for twenty years - in the UK, Italy, Australia, India and elsewhere.

It is recognised by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in their quality standards for Therapeutic Communities, and in their ‘Enabling Environments’ award
It is run by ‘Living and Learning’, which is part of a social enterprise committed to combining the radical approaches of critical psychiatry, therapeutic communities, service user empowerment and ecological sustainability,

They have established clinical ‘greencare’ groups as part of mainstream mental health services in the UK. ‘Greencare’ is a modified therapeutic community treatment, which is holistic and economically viable alternative to treatment with medication and hospitalisation. In this setting, sustainability is about promoting and maintaining mental health by connecting people to each other and to nature – helping people to see that there is a life worth living, and on a planet worth living on.

The staff for the course will include Rex Haigh, who leads the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ ‘Positive Environments’ work and is Professor of Therapeutic Environments and Relation Health at Nottingham University; Jan Lees, an experienced therapeutic community practitioner and researcher; Aldo Lombardo, an Italian psychiatrist who runs a therapeutic community for borderline personality disorder in Rome; and João G. Pereira, Clinical Director of Casa de Alba Therapeutic Community and Senior Lecturer at Évora University.


Romão de Sousa Foundation Advisory Board Meeting

23rd October, 2016

Chris Evans
Simon Du Plock
Célia Sales
Isaura Manso Neto
Francisco Ortega Beviá

Psychotherapy Lectures: Training Course

24th/ 25th October, 2016

Applying basic psychoterapeutic theory in challenging clinical settings
Trainers: Chris Evans and Jo-anne Carlyle
Venue: University of Évora

"Between us we have trainings in CBT, family/systemic, group and psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies. The training event will be aimed at mental health workers who don't have a psychotherapy training but want to gain some skills rooted both in the relational “being with” and in the technical side of therapy."